About us

Myhost consists of a dedicated team of software and hardware engineers with more than five years’ experience in software development, system administration and hosting.

Myhost is the property of Netcube ltd. – a software company that has been developing a wide range of software products, providing hosting services and developing cloud infrastructure since 2012.


Thanks to a great number of successfully completed projects, the Myhost team has developed its skills as a hosting provider in three main stages:

icon 02.2012 – 06.2015

Software Development

Development of software products – Netcube focuses on the development of a wide range of software solutions

icon 06.2015 – 01.2017

Software and System Solutions

Software development, system administration, infrastructure implementation and maintenance in data centers around Europe – Netcube develops complete hardware and software solutions by subcontracting third party data centers and hardware providers

icon since 01.2017

Tailored Full-Scale Solutions

Software development, system administration, infrastructure implementation and maintenance, under direct Myhost control – with an increasing market demand Netcube decides to focus on software development and creates Myhost in order to provide high-quality, tailored hosting services

What is Myhost

Myhost provides secure and easy to use hosting services at great prices. We give you full control and provide fast and reliable hosting for your software solutions.

Total Protection

  • DDOS attack protection up to 100 Gbps
  • Up Time – 99.98%
  • Total confidentiality of personal information and data protection*
  • A 24/7/365 ticket based, technical support system with response time under 15 min.

*** MyHost services are compliant with all rules and regulations for personal data protection described in the GDPR and provides 100% security of your personal information by implementing additional system security measures.

Full Security

  • Data center technical support team available 24/7/365
  • Two independent A and B UPS power supply and Diesel Generators systems
  • Redundant cooling and complete fire safety systems
  • Independent optical cord routes to additional suppliers
  • Humidity and temperature sensor systems in every RACK
  • ISO and PCI DSS certified locations

Complete Control

  • Automatic backup every two days*
  • Backup data archive for up to one week*
  • Full access to backup data storage*
  • Complete control of your server via remote access

***Services provided as part of the VPS Hosting Package. The Dedicated Server Package provides full control over the server to the customer. The responsibility for backup, archive maintenance and system restore functions are the system administrator’s responsibility.

Great Prices


Best prices on the market


Various payment methods


15-day money back guarantee

Get in Touch

“If you mail us, we respond” – the first “genius” marketing slogan that Misho – senior software engineer – came up with during a brainstorming session. Turns out that was the reason, Misho only got software engineering tasks from that day onward…

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